Where do my nic-salts come from?

Learn more about where the ingredients in your vapes come from.

     Have you ever had a sub-par vaping experience that left you asking “why doesn’t this taste right, and where did this e-liquid come from?” Does your e-liquid or disposable vape have a strange peppery taste, is ruining your pods, or seem like it is extra harsh (possibly containing too much nicotine)? 

     Well, you are not alone! A large portion of newer nicotine products on the market contain mystery ingredients that are completely untraceable and are held to no quality assurance testing. These products and the manufacturers behind them will not disclose where their products are being made.

     At Baton, we only provide the best for our customers, so we diligently source and craft our premium nic-salt ingredients ourselves. The crafting process begins and ends at our ISO 7 white lab in Henderson, Nevada. Our nic-salts are created using our proprietary nicotine blend and are paired with flavor extracts imported from all over the world. This unique mix results in a smooth, flavorful experience.

     Our nic-salt products have been thoroughly tested, and we are proud to announce they have been accepted and filed for review by the FDA for the PMTA process. We put our everything into ensuring that we release only the highest quality products. If you ever have any suggestions or questions regarding our product line, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at olivia@batonvapor.com with any questions, comments, or feedback!


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