NTN: The Future of Nicotine

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Thanks to recent innovations in the nicotine extraction process, Baton Vapor is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our NTN (Non-Tobacco Nicotine) nic-salts!

Did you know that tobacco plants are not the only way to source or produce nicotine? With today’s modern technology, nicotine can now be crafted synthetically through patented techniques without the residual impurities of tobacco-sourced nicotine. We can also extract nicotine from non-tobacco plants such as green peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants! 

Baton’s Non-tobacco Nicotine blend allows users to have the same great flavor and experience as our traditional nic-salts, without  any tobacco plant ingredients. NTN also allows us to experiment with new and exciting flavors, which were previously limited due to the PMTA process. 

Baton NTN nic-salts will be available later this month!  Click here to be alerted when they are available for purchase.

Additionally, in celebration of our new product line, we are offering a thank you special of 20% off on Baton’s current nic-salt bottles. This sale will be available until 11/8/2021 at 11:59 PM PST.

Please note, Baton’s  traditional flavored nic-salts will no longer be available for purchase on BatonVapor.com after 11/8/2021. Be sure to stock up on your favorite bottles now. 

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