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Superior Flavor with Refillable Pods

Use the Baton V2 and experience the superior taste of refillable pods. You can enjoy your favorite flavors by filling our easy-to-use pod system that hold up to 1.2 ml. Baton V2 refillable pods are made with Japanese organic cotton for maximum flavor.

long lasting battery life

The Baton V2 built-in 350 MAH battery can last more than a full day with normal usage. The battery level is displayed with an indicator light for your convenience.

Soft Touch Ergonomic Design

Enjoy the user-friendly ergonomic design and premium soft touch finish on the popular V2 refillable pod device. Choose from an array of standard and limited-edition colors.

Liquid Reducing Trap System

Take advantage of our Patent Pending trap system that helps to eliminate any spit-back/liquid coming into the mouthpiece to increase your enjoyment. The trap system sits in the top section of the pod.