Baton V3 Tips and Tricks

Get the most from your Baton V3 pod system with these helpful tips and tricks!

World Lung Cancer Awareness Day

In August we observe World Lung Cancer Awareness Day, highlighting the crucial relationship between lifestyle choices and lung health. Making informed choices like transitioning from smoking to saf...

Why Manufacturing in the USA Matters to Us (and should matter for you too)

Ever wondered why we make our e-liquids right here in the USA? In this blog post, we'll dive into the reasons why manufacturing e-liquid domestically is a big deal, and how it directly benefits you...

The History of Vaping Regulations

In March 2008 the vape industry saw its first glimpse of regulation and restrictions. These restrictions started with the ban of all vape products in Turkey after their directory of Ministry Drugs ...

The History of Vape

Contrary to popular belief, electronic cigarettes have been available for nearly 100 years with the first iteration of an electronic cigarette patent granted to Joseph Robinson in the 1930’s. This ...

NTN: The Future of Nicotine

Thanks to recent innovations in the nicotine extraction process, Baton Vapor is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our NTN (Non-Tobacco Nicotine) nic-salts! Did you know that tobacco plants...

Where do my nic-salts come from?

Learn more about where the ingredients in your vapes come from.

Got E-liquid? Here's How and Where to Store It

Drowning in vape e-liquid? How to store the goods if you've got more than a few.

How to Vape Friendly: Vaping Etiquette Every New Vaper Needs to Know

A few tips on how to be a friendly neighborhood vaper.