WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Prevention Program


Baton Vapor is committed to preventing youth access and use of vapor products. We believe that our goods offer a benefit to adult smokers & vapers by providing them with a variety of non-traditional nicotine products to use during their quitting journey. We are disappointed with the trending youth use and access to tobacco products and are constantly looking for ways we can improve our methods and actions around Youth Prevention. Read below to find more about our current Prevention Program.

Anti-Cartoon & Adolescent Symbolism:

We strongly believe that cartoons, depictions of popular cartoon characters, animated fruits or snacks, or any other symbols that attract adolescents have no place on nicotine/tobacco product packaging or retail marketing materials. We have not and will not ever use these symbols, depictions, or characters on our products. Baton's branding has always been adult-oriented, and we vow to uphold those same principles moving forward.

Warning Statements:

Baton utilizes and applies nicotine warning statements on all nicotine products and marketing materials. The statement reads as follows:
WARNING: This product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Retailer & Reseller Terms:

In order to become an authorized retailer or reseller of Baton products, businesses must follow all state and federal laws, rules, and restrictions regarding age verification in their retail or resell establishment. If you are aware of a retail establishment selling Baton Vapor products to minors, please contact your local authorities and email support@batonvapor.com with any information on the retailer or incident. 

Age Verification (E-Commerce):

Baton uses state-of-the-art age verification software to ensure online customers are of legal age. Customers must apply and register for an account before they are able to purchase any Baton products. Baton has been using this age verification technology long before it was a requirement. Read more about how it works below.

"90% of customers can be verified automatically using our extensive collection of records from various data sources. A photo ID is only required if we determine the customer may be underage or their information did not match what we have on record.
The entire process is seamless with your checkout experience, even when a photo ID is required. Photo IDs can be captured through the customer's camera, uploaded from a file, or taken from a mobile phone, and verified in just 10 to 30 seconds, 24 hours a day."

Social Media Shut-Down:

Baton Vapor has zero active social media channels. 
Until larger platforms like Instagram and Facebook open up back-end age verification and adult-only channels to smaller businesses like ours, we cannot take the inherit risk that comes with an adult-only product on an open social platform.