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About Us

Our Story

At Baton Vapor, the mission to create a smarter alternative to tobacco is personal. After years of watching his father struggle to quit the smoking habit that was ruining his health, CEO and founder Thomas Vo, along with his co-founder Gabriel Laurant decided to work toward a solution. The result is Baton Vapor, the Seattle-based company that is now an industry leader offering a high quality, highly successful experience for people who desire to move away from smoking.

A Personal Triumph

Thomas Vo admits that as a child, he wondered why his father didn’t just stop smoking. But as an adult he realized that stopping is not so easy, even for people who have a strong desire to quit. His father tried it all, from nicotine patches to medication and electronic cigarettes but nothing seemed to work. Gabriel had also been smoking cigarettes since high school and was struggling to find an alternative that was as satisfying as a cigarette. Coming from the traditional Electronic Cigarette industry, Thomas and Gabriel knew how important a healthier alternative can be for someone who has tried everything without achieving the expected result. After hard work and creative initiatives, they came up with the key to helping people like Thomas’ father finally give up cigarettes forever.

A Breakthrough Solution

Baton Vapor was created at a pivot point when they noticed a shift in what adult smokers really needed to quit smoking for good. In recent years, new brands have introduced e-liquids and hardware with little focus on product or consistency. Baton developed a fully proprietary blend of nicotine salts that he believes is the key component for a successful quitting journey. Baton’s high quality device and pod system allows patrons to refill their own pods and use the device throughout their day. Thomas Vo’s father is now smoke free and vape free. Today the Baton Vapor solution is available to other smokers who want to quit their cigarette habit.

Leading the Industry

Baton is admired as an industry leader in brand design, flavor creation and top quality manufacturing. The company provides a higher level vaping experience by offering unique, timeless flavors and reliable products with unsurpassed e-liquids and the best vaping devices on the market. Every flavor at Baton Vapor is meticulously sourced and carefully manufactured with exceptional ingredients and small batch manufacturing. A refillable pod system model replaces commonly used pre-filled pods, a big leap to help smokers quit their cigarette habit. The result of these innovations is that users enjoy a superior vaping experience to help them to become permanent non-smokers.

Making a Difference

According to Thomas and Gabriel, their goal in life is to help people quit cigarettes. Their mission is to minimize economic waste and halt the ever-increasing number of tobacco related deaths, estimated to be in the millions.

“If I was able to help an old stubborn man quit smoking, I’m confident I can help others quit as well. That is what I want to devote my life to and that is what I will keep on working towards. Working towards a smoke free world. We urge you to pass the baton to a smoker in your life, and we can all make it closer to our finish line. ”

Thomas Vo, Co-Founder, Baton Vapor