Stay Safe, Stay Vaping: Things to Be Aware of When It Comes to Vape Safety

It's all fun and clouds until your device explodes or your dog gets into your Glacier Mint.

Just as one has to be mindful to put a cigarette completely out, there are special considerations and cautions when it comes to vaping as well. You're dealing with a device that heats nicotine, after all, and as sleek and innocuous as your vape may seem, it can still pose certain dangers if you're not careful.

E-Liquids Are Actually Quite Poisonous and Potent

The flavored juices that fill your favorite bottles are designed to be vaped ONLY. Drinking straight nicotine has the potential to kill, so don't try to consume it for a more "concentrated" dose (you wouldn't like the taste, anyway). It's especially important to treat your juices like the cleaners under the sink and keep them locked away from any children or pets, as their tolerance levels are much lower. And even if you vape no-nic liquids, the vegetable glycerin contained in all e-juices will still get you and leave you with a nasty laxative effect if you attempt to drink it directly.

While filling your pod with your favorite nic-salt, it's entirely possibly you might accidentally spill some of the liquid and get it on your skin or clothes. There's no need to freak out, but you should wash the area as soon as possible, as nicotine can be absorbed into your skin just as readily as any lotion. Vape juice can also stain.

Batteries May Turn Your Vape Into an Explosive Device

While the risk of something going this horribly wrong with your vape's internal workings is fairly low, batteries ARE sensitive sources of power that you still need to handle with care. Your device should only be stored and charged at room temperature, never in a hot car. You should be mindful not to accidentally sit on your mod (so no storing it in your back pocket like a phone), as this could cause the device to heat up and malfunction. You should only be using quality, designated batteries and chargers and avoid leaving your device plugged in once it's all charged up. Lastly, do your best not to drop your device (especially into the watery abyss of a toilet!), as this could damage the battery and cause problems later.

Remember That a Lot of People Treat Vaping Like Smoking

It would behoove you to be mindful that not everyone is as cool with vaping as you are. There's a lot of misinformation out there, and you're not always going to be able to change someone's views. Respect the no vaping signs and respect shared space. You never know when a cloud of vapor to the face could result in a punch to yours!

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