How to Vape Friendly: Vaping Etiquette Every New Vaper Needs to Know

A few tips on how to be a friendly neighborhood vaper.
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Whether you're new to the wonderful world of vaping or a certified O.G., it pays to be polite before reaching for your vape pen. It should never be assumed that since vaping isn't smoking, you can chase clouds whenever and wherever you like, because like a certain big name vaping company marketing to youth (*cough* Juul *cough*), you'd be wrong.

Ask before you vape someplace new

This goes for obvious places like bars and restaurants, but also applies to hanging at a buddy or date's home for the first time. Their place, their rules.

And unless you work for Baton itself (one of the perks of the job, natch), you better check with your employer first to see if "bring your vape to work day" can be a regular thing. Better to have a routine down with designated times and locales so you don't have to resort to stealth vaping like a nicotine ninja.

Vaping outside is not an automatic green light

You still need to be mindful of your surroundings and more importantly, any surrounding people. This could mean waiting until those passersby pass, and being aware of just how far your vapor is traveling. What smells delicious to you could be someone's nasal worst nightmare.

Think of the children!

Kiddos tend to be very impressionable, and if they see you having fun blowing clouds and enjoying a yummy vape, they may be inclined to want to try it, too. While vaping is certainly better than smoking, it's not harmless, and nicotine is particularly unsafe for bodies and minds that are still developing. Don't vape around kids, especially if they're not your own. It's also important for parents to ensure their teens don't have easy access to their I.D. and credit card, as in-house identity theft to buy vaping products illegally is definitely a thing. If they're not old enough to drink, they're not old enough to vape.

Don't be a militant vaper

So vaping helped you finally kick your pack-a-day smoking habit to the curb, and you have an urge to spread the good news? Before you run off chastising your still-smoking mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or best friend, remember that lecturing people about their diet; religious or political views; and yes, even why they should be vaping instead -- rarely works. You can certainly *gently* encourage them to try vaping and be there to answer any questions or concerns they may have, but nagging, yelling or hiding/destroying their cigarettes will only keep them stubborn.

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