Baton V2 Pod-Pack

Enjoy an upgraded vaping experience with the new Baton V2 pod packs!

Designed specifically for the Baton V2 device, these upgraded pods feature our new leak-resistant, top-fill design and hold 50% more e-liquid than our previous versions. Baton V2 refillable pods use Japanese organic cotton for maximum flavor and vapor production even after five or more refills. Available in a store near you!

Package Includes:

  • 2 x NEW refillable Baton V2 pods
  • 1 x User Manual

Please check your closest store if you are interested in this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 241 reviews
Kathy Carey

Very happy with how the pods work I haven’t had any issues with leaking with the new or old design. And a better value than any pre -filled pods I’ve found.

Matthew Baker
Spitting baton pods

The new pods taste great, last longer, and even have more juice capacity however the vape juice spitting onto the lip is able to ruin all of these amazing points. Every single inhale a burning tingling sensation comes from my lips from baton juice. I also want to clarify I have bought at least 10 of these packs of v2 baton pods all had the same issue. Please baton vapor just add a extra spit shield or anything possible because I’m leaning off of this product I love and have been using for over 2 years that helped me quit cigarettes.


theses pods are way better haven’t been any leakage in the last week or so i’m loving it compared to the old pods!

Yasmin El Darandaly


Leaking into my mouth!!

These pods suck. I just bought a pack and both of them are already leaking INTO MY MOUTH NOW when pulling due to the new design! Nothing I do will fix this issue. They still leak into the battery, full drops come out. The old design was so much better and worked perfectly. Extremely disappointing…not sure what to do now!