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Baton V2 - Black - Starter Kit Bundle

The Baton V2 is the most versatile all-in one open pod system. It features a 350mAh rechargeable battery, premium matte-black finish and a pair of empty refillable pods to use with Baton's premium nicotine-salt flavors. 

Starter Kit Bundle includes:

1 x Device

2 x Refillable Baton Pods 

1 x Baton V2 Pod Pack (2 Replacement Pods)

1 x 10 mL Baton nicotine salts of your choosing

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
100% Satisfaction

I used to smoke a pack of Marlboro Red a day. I wanted to quit and was in the market for a nicotine vape. The main reason I got Baton V2 instead of Juul is because Juul is more expensive on the long run. Performance wise, I was amazed to try out the hit Baton delivers. I have not smoked a cigaret since, and now that I own a Baton, when I compare it with my friends who have Juul they prefer Baton. Amazing product.

The Real Deal

I have been using this for the past couple days, and it has been amazing. Battery is great, and lasts about a day with average use. I used the Juul, Bo, and Rubi and I have to say this is my favorite so far. Pods are not that bad to refill, but way better than the Rubi. The overall design of the body is great with a soft matte black finish, which looks great. I tried two flavors, and about to buy them all. I will review all flavors on youtube at therealreviewz so check it out. Overall I love it and a must buy to quit smoking.

Clean pull, never spits

After owning a bo, juul and suorin air, it's safe to say that Baton has perfected the rechargeable pod device. With micro usb charging and a redesigned pod system that truly does keep the device from spitting this device has quickly become my favorite I've used. The pods themselves can be refilled quite a few times and the technology behind preventing any spitback is simple but flawless and I couldn't ask for anything more. Plus the matte black finish gives it an expensive feel which is quite nice.

Flipping great

Two weeks of daily use, works well so far. It's been pretty key in my quitting cigarettes. Holds enough charge for 1 day of modest to average use.


Perfect throat hit milky clouds great buzz pods never burn