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Baton V2 Pod Pack

A pack of two long-lasting refillable pods designed to fit the innovative Baton V2 device. Baton V2 refillable pods use Japanese organic cotton for maximum flavor and vapor production.

Customer Reviews

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Coils last forever and have amazing flavor.

Makes quitting cigarettes a piece of cake!

After 33 years of heavy smoking.. It only took about 2 weeks to work my way down to 2 or 3 a day! & then miracle of all miracles?! I QUIT! I've been smoke free for a month now!
Only thing that would make baton v2 better would be larger packs of pods. I'd really like to be able to buy more than 2 to a pack. And maybe bigger bottles of juice would be great too. So many others have 30ml bottles - sure would be nice if baton would as well. Just sayin. The baton itself tho couldn't be more perfect! I've even tried cbd with it. Works great!


i love baton

Another great buy from Baton!

Ordered more juice and pods and was pleasantly surprised to realize that I had a big bonus from past purchases to use! I didn’t even realize I was getting their Rewards Program points which makes this easily as good if not better than in-store purchases. I am so happy with all of my Baton purchases!

Quit Smoking With Baton Products

Do you want to quite smoking? Baton is the way to go! The V2 vaping device by Baton delivers a smooth and satisfying draw. It is superior to the Juul in all ways...capacity, taste, price, and quality. The refillable pods are virtually leak proof and can be easily refilled 4 to 6 times without the draw or taste diminishing. Menthol smokers that smoke medium to light brands of cigarettes will want to choose the 2.5 % salt nic juices offered by Baton. Heavier full flavor smokers should choose the 5 % salt nic juices. Remember...draw into mouth first, then slowly inhale. You will quickly find what works best for you. Refill the pod before it completely goes dry to extend the longevity and use of said pod. Menthol smokers will want to choose the Glacier Mint salt nic juice. It is very tasty, cool, and I never grow tired of it. I have not tried the other flavors but am certain they are excellent as well. Price of Batons salt nic juice is a bit more than the standard fare but well worth it...taste wise. The juice seems to burn a bit slower then most of it's competitors but thats a plus. The simplicity of this pod system by Baton is excelllent and effective. Don't waste your time and $$$ with leaky Juul pods...their quality is trash. Customer service is excellent as well. Baton V2 is compatible with all salt nic juices. Choose the best...Choose Baton!!!