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November 01, 2019 3 min read

Now a global industry worth over $22 billion, vaping isn't a fad about to go up in a puff of smoke (vape "smoke", that is!). Vaping is growing increasingly popular for a reason, and here are six of 'em:

#1 - Vaping Is a Better Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

Many ex-smokers are now active vapers, and the reason they made the switch is clear: Vaping mimics the look, feel and calming effect of regular smoking without the nasty tobacco or tar. It provides a seamless way to gradually taper off one's dependency on nicotine or even eliminate it entirely, as nicotine-free e-liquids exist. On the other hand, former smokers that miss the taste of tobacco or menthol can still enjoy these flavors, as vape juices exist that cater to that palette.

#2 - Vaping Is Cheaper Than Smoking

According to the CDC, dedicated pack-a-day smokers shell out an average of $188 a month to light up. That's more than the cost of a typical monthly electric bill in the United States! Higher state and local taxes can hike the habit's cost even further, but the punch to a smoker's wallet doesn't stop there. Heftier insurance premiums, lower home resale value and costlier cleaning bills for everything from their car to their clothing make cigarette smoking even more expensive than you might think!

After an initial investment of equipment, vaping nearly always ends up being the more affordable pleasure when compared to smoking. A device like one of Baton Vapor's open pod systems can faithfully be in your hand for up to a year, as compared to a pack of cigarettes, which will wind up in the trash within days. You'll get more "juice" out of your e-juice, too, lasting up to 1-2 years *when stored properly* if you prefer to alternate your flavors. Because the nicotine from vaping is more readily absorbed versus traditional smoking, the equivalent bottle of e-liquid should last a day or two longer than a pack of cigarettes would, depending on your habits.

#3 - Vaping Provides a Way to Unwind from the Modern Grind

The act of taking a deep breath in and exhaling it out has been the relaxation go-to advice for ages. Vaping streamlines and mechanizes this process and is something you don't have to get out of your chair to do, unlike other stress busting pursuits such as hiking, yoga or running. It's a proven anxiety fighter that calms, soothes and satisfies. At the end of a long, hard day (or perhaps even during it), vaping allows a user to "zone out" while blowing off a little steam... or rather, vapor!

#4 - Vaping Offers Flavor Possibilities That Cigarettes Simply Can't

For smokers who enjoy a little novelty in their lives, 2009 was a sobering year. The Family Smoking and Tobacco Prevention Act actually BANNED the sale of cigs advertising flavors other than menthol or straight tobacco. Not only is vaping the healthier alternative to smoking, it can be the more fun one, too. From sweet to sour and everything in between (yes, there is even a bacon flavored e-juice -- did you even need to ask?), there are literally thousands of options for vape enthusiasts, so growing bored of the same old juice flavor is never an option. It can even help some dieters curb their sweet tooth, as dessert-like vapes offer the sweet comfort of cake or cookies without the calories. Fruit Confit or Vanilla Wafer, anyone?

#5 - Vaping Isn't Just a Way to Chill, It Can Actually Become a Hobby

Move over, coins and stamps -- the hot new commodity to collect is all things vape! Showing off one's collection of personal vape devices might also include those pieces vapers have customized themselves. Like computers, vaping hardware evolves over time and can be dismantled and rebuilt to suit a user's individual preferences. It can be as satisfying as tinkering under the hood of a car with none of the grease!

Some vapers try their hand at concocting their own e-juice recipes, while others are intent on learning how to produce the biggest clouds and best tricks. Vaping competitions have been popular since about 2012, with vaping pubs offering regular events around the country.

#6 - People Who Vape Are in Good Company

Vaping isn't some solitary practice you're forced to do alone (although you totally can if that's your thing). Across the globe there are vaping pubs, vaping undergrounds, vaping meetups and vaping forums, whereas traditional smoking can sometimes be a more isolating activity that's often shunned or banned in public places. They're a great way to discuss and compare new flavors, kits and coils, or simply hang out with chill, like-minded people.

If you're ready to join our vape family, check out Baton's line of superior vaping products.

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