FAQs about Vaping

January 17, 2019

What is vaping? 

Vaping is inhaling the aerosol or vapor produced by a device to simulate the sensation of smoking.

How does vaping work? 

Vaping works by filling a battery operated device, sometimes called an e-cigarette, with liquid. A heating mechanism then turns the liquid into vapor. When you vape, you inhale the vapor.

Why do people vape?

Many people use vaping as a stepping stone to quitting their cigarette smoking habit for good.

Is Vaping a Safer Alternative to Smoking?

When you compare vaping vs smoking, vaping is considered the safer option. Research is ongoing, but studies show that vaping can be far less harmful than cigarette smoking. Many of the health risks associated with cigarette smoking come from tars and harmful chemicals that are not found in vaping substances. Both, however, contain nicotine, although vaping flavors typically contain much less.

How are Smoke and Vapor Different?

Smoke and vapor are very different. A lit cigarette produces smoke, while a vaping device produces an aerosol vapor with a similar appearance. While tobacco smoke has proven carcinogenic substances, vaporized liquids from vaping devices do not contain many of these substances.

How do I Choose a Vaping Device?

Vaping devices come in different shapes and sizes, but the real difference is in advanced features that produce a superior vaping experience. The Baton Vapor Baton V2 is a refillable, all-in-one pod system with a 350 MAH battery that can last more than a full day with normal use. Users enjoy an ergonomic design with a soft touch finish. The V2 also has a Patent Pending trap system to help eliminate any liquid coming into the mouthpiece.

What Are My Choices for Vaping Flavors?

Baton Vapor offers a wide array of nic-salts flavors to suit every taste and mood. Baton achieves exceptional results by using meticulously sourced ingredients and high quality small batch manufacturing techniques. Choose appealing flavors like Glacier Mint, Crisp Apple, Iced Watermelon, Limeade, Fruit Confit, Island Mango, Vanilla Wafer and Southern Leaf. The flavors come in different strengths. All Baton Vapor nic-salts are made in Seattle, WA.

What are Nicotine-Salts (Nic-Salts)?

Nic-salts are a type of processed nicotine that is mostly used in low output pod system devices. They mimic the effects of combusted tobacco, and are generally more satisfying for the user. Nicotine-Salts are stronger than typical e-liquids and should not be used in sub-ohm devices or RDAs/Tanks. We do not believe that using any type of nicotine is “safe” and we strongly urge all consumers to conduct their own research regarding which vapor devices and liquids best suit them.

What is the Best Way to Try Vaping?

Baton Vapor offers an introductory Starter Kit Bundle that includes the innovative Baton V2 vaping device, a choice of any flavor in any strength and two extra pods. The Starter Kit Bundle vaping device is available in white or black.

Where Can I Buy Baton Vapor Products?

You can purchase Baton Vapor nic-salts flavors, Baton V2 and Baton Classic vaping devices, Starter Kit Bundles and two-pack refillable V2 pods and classic pods online or at a growing number of convenient locations. Click here for a location near you.


This FAQ page is for informational purposes only, subject to change.

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